Cayman Companies

Since 1974, International Management Services Ltd has been assisting its clients with Cayman Island company formation and company management. We have developed a wealth of knowledge and leading expertise in this area and leverage this to the benefit of our clients’ needs on a daily basis.  We currently provide services to in excess of 1000 individual client companies, many of which have been with us since we started!

Key Features of Cayman Island Companies

The Cayman Islands has a robust and efficient regulatory framework, based on English common law, allowing for the incorporation and ongoing management of companies, with very few limitations in what activities the company can undertake. Many of the companies registered with the Cayman Islands company registry are investment holding vehicles, sales distribution companies or even subsidiaries of foreign parents. The regularity framework has been streamlined so as to allow a company to be fully operational within 48 hours of receiving instruction (provided all regulatory and compliance requirements have been met).

Just about any type of asset can be acquired and held by a Cayman corporation. For instance:

  • Fixed Term Deposits
  • Listed Stocks and Securities
  • Stock in Private Companies
  • Real Estate and Commissions
  • Patents, Royalty Agreements and Contract Rights
  • Sea Going Vessels and Aircraft.

Typical corporate requirements/features to register your company with the Cayman Islands business registry include:

  • Nil corporate taxation
  • Minimum authorised share capital – US$50,000
  • Minimum paid-up capital  – US$1
  • Minimum number of Directors – 1 (does not have to be local)
  • Annual Filing of Company Return
  • No requirement for annual audits.
  • Location of meetings – anywhere

Contact us at or click on the links on this page to find out more on the Cayman Islands corporate registry and the formation of Cayman companies.

Our Services

There is a reason why we are still in business after over 35 years, we know and understand corporate services in Cayman better than anyone, and we do it exceedingly well. IMS has a proven track record of adding value to our clients and exceeding expectations. IMS’s experienced and dedicated staff is able to meet any requirements you may have in regards to Cayman Companies, whether this is;

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