Our Philosophy

  • We were one of the first providers of independent directors in the Cayman Islands and pride ourselves on being one of the premier firms in the space – many other providers of director services have modelled themselves on us.
  • We believe in transparency and integrity – our ultimate goal is to ensure that the funds we provide services to benefit from corporate governance of the highest standard.
  • We believe that the directors of a fund (and indeed our own board of directors) should have relevant experience and expertise, capacity and independence.  They should also be accessible to all stakeholders in the funds we serve, including investors, and that our directors’ fiduciary duties are owed to the fund as a whole and that they must therefore act at all times in the best interests of the fund.
  • Our total independence from investment managers, administrators, lawyers and other service providers ensures that we are not conflicted when considering difficult issues facing a fund.
  • We welcome visits from potential clients, fund service providers and existing or prospective investors in funds we provide directors to and are happy to talk through our model of directorship services, the role of the directors we provide and the numbers of client relationships our fund directors have.
  • Our internal procedures and guidance for fund directors ensure that investors in the funds we provide directors to can be confident that the interests of the fund (and therefore the investor base as a whole) are best served.

To find out more about our fund services, and how IMS can assist you, please email us at contactus@ims.ky.

The four pillars of our philosophy of fund governance

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Accessibility
  • Independence

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