Trust Services

As a service provider licensed to provide full trust and corporate services, whether you are a private individual, an intermediary, a family office or an institutional investor, we can help you realise your objectives in setting up your offshore entity or structure in the Cayman Islands.

Trusts are among the most secure and versatile financial planning vehicles available, and are widely recognised internationally.  Cayman’s trust law allows trust arrangements to be tailored to clients’ specific objectives.

We work closely with all local law firms, and can therefore provide a wide range of trust deeds to suit our clients’ requirements.  These trust deeds can be tailored for individual requirements and IMS are able to make these available to our clients at a competitive cost.  We are proud of our servicing standards and risk adverse business practice.  Our service offerings are competitive with reference to service quality, cost and flexibility.

Our Services

  • Establishment and comprehensive administration of trusts, including on-going liaison with professional advisers and other parties.
  • Acting as holder of management shares for investment funds.
  • Acting as trustee of unit trusts or private trust arrangements.
  • Preparation of appropriate financial records.
  • Implementation of controls to ensure that confidentiality and protection of assets are maintained at all times, as legislation allows.

Trust Arrangements

We are experienced in providing trust establishment and administration services to many types of trust arrangement, including:

  • Private, including discretionary, accumulation and maintenance and life interest.
  • Corporate – including pension and employee benefit trusts.
  • Charitable – solely for the benefit of charitable organisations.
  • STAR trusts (also known as purpose trusts) – very flexible trusts used for dynastic, philanthropic charitable (or non-charitable), or bankruptcy remote corporate purposes (e.g. to hold SPVs), among others. See our Purpose Trusts page for more details.
  • Private Trust Companies (PTC) – very popular among UHNW clients who desire a level of influence over the administration of the trusts under the control of the PTC. See our Private Trust Company page for more details.

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