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Cayman Islands Government Partners with Cayman Finance

Updated: Apr 9

The Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development (MIISD) announces a strategic partnership with Cayman Finance, the industry body which represents the Cayman Islands’ financial services industry. Separate from work through the Ministry of Financial Services and Commerce, this will entail strategic promotional work to bolster the reputation of the Cayman Islands as a globally respected financial services centre of excellence, while also reinforcing the financial services industry’s brand messaging. For 2022, the Ministry has supported Cayman Finance with $350,000.

The Hon. Minister André Ebanks commended the new partnership, stating:

“The timing of this funding and support from Government to Cayman Finance is both significant and critical. It will amplify the already strong working relationship between Government and the financial services industry, at a time when the world needs to hear our story: why the Cayman Islands is a global partner, not a global problem.

“This new partnership between the Ministry and Cayman Finance will enable Government and the financial services industry to work collaboratively and strategically in a new, distinct stream of promotional work. It further signifies Government’s commitment to retaining and building the competitiveness of the Cayman Islands as a jurisdiction, with high adherence to and compliance with global tax and regulatory standards.”

The new partnership between the Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development and Cayman Finance will be a new tool the Minister seeks to utilise in reimagining the Government’s relationship with Cayman Finance. The partnership will be focused on strategic promotion, and developing bespoke messaging and public relations campaigns tailored to key audiences including opinion formers, policy makers and other stakeholders.

Conor O’Dea, Chairman of Cayman Finance, endorsed this new initiative with enthusiasm, saying:

“A successful partnership requires time, effort, work and funding. This funding is an affirmation of the relationship that Cayman Finance, an entity that represents the diverse components of the Cayman Islands’ financial services industry, has earned through our many successful years of collaboration with the Government.

“This new partnership with the Ministry comes at an opportune moment. We are confident that promoting the brand messaging of the Cayman Islands’ financial services industry will be a catalyst for meaningful and measurable growth in the industry and economy, including growth in government revenue and opportunities for Caymanians.”.

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